The Intriguing Tale of Hollywood, Florida

A Key Suburb in the Miami Metropolitan Area with a Rich Cultural Tapestry

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Hollywood, Florida, positioned between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, is a key suburb in the Miami metropolitan area. Founded by Joseph Young in 1925, Hollywood has transformed from a dreamy vision of a motion picture colony to a thriving coastal city.

Geographically, Hollywood is nestled on Florida’s southeast coast. Its location midway between Miami and Fort Lauderdale makes it a significant player in the South Florida metropolitan area1. The city encompasses 27 square miles and is home to a beautiful stretch of beach perfect for vacationers.

Historically, Hollywood’s growth mirrored the development of South Florida. Founded with the vision of becoming a motion picture colony (hence the name “Hollywood”), the city instead grew into a thriving community. Although specific names of notable residents may not be readily available, the residents’ influence is evident in the city’s evolution.

Hollywood is home to several key attractions. The Hollywood Beach, with its 2.2-mile-long pedestrian promenade, offers dramatic coastal views and is a favorite among walkers, cyclists, and joggers. Downtown Hollywood, accessible via a charming trolley ride from the beach, is rich in culture, hosting several museums and local shops.

For accommodation, Hollywood boasts luxurious resorts like The Diplomat, offering stunning ocean views and award-winning restaurants, and the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort, providing a taste of tropical tranquility.

As part of the Miami metropolitan area, Hollywood contributed to a population of 6.14 million people in 2020. The city’s demographics continue to shape its vibrant community and cultural diversity.

In conclusion, Hollywood, Florida, is a city of history, culture, and coastal charm. Its strategic geographical location, historical significance, variety of attractions, and contribution to the Miami metropolitan area’s demographics make it a noteworthy destination within South Florida.